String from Form submission




I need to pass the information coming from one form to a string in the thank-you page url like the one below because it is the easiest way to send the information into a different script in our thankyou page. However, the tokens don’t seem to work.{{contact.lastname}}&email={{}}&postalcode={{zip}}&telephone={{phone}}&pname={{product}}&status=all

Is it possible at all or only doable via API?



@Javier_Revilla Is this page hosted on HubSpot?


The page where the form is submitted is in Hubspot. However, the thank-you page is in our CMS, and that is why I needed the string, so I can pass the information into another piece of code.


This isn’t going to be possible sending it to a non-HubSpot page. Adding tokens into a redirect URL won’t resolve as I’m sure you have seen. You will have to pull the information via the API. Also note that the API call must be made server-side