Submission/landing page events


I am looking for an api that will allow our team to injest landing page/submission events. Currently we are using the email events api, which is good for open/clicks, but we would also like to surface landing page / submission events in our app, in addition to some richer data (url of landing page, campaignId of landing page if appropriate, etc., recipentId if landing page reached from email etc.)


Hi @derraballi,

I can meet you half way:

  • You can fetch select analytics and submission data for specific landing pages with this endpoint.
  • You can get most data about a landing page, including URL and campaign name information, from this endpoint.
  • As Derek touches on in this topic, however, there isn't a way to subscribe to or get all submission events for a form or landing page. Alternatives include exporting submissions, using form submission events (requires an Enterprise-level subscription), or pulling the relevant contact property values via the Contacts API. For example, the properties First conversion (first_conversion_event_name) and Recent conversion (recent_conversion_event_name) offer insight into a contact's conversion history.