Submissions are not showing on website page when form is submitted with api in hubspot


I am using hubspot API to submit the form in hubspot to submit the data. I have passed all the required attributes hutk, pageid, page name etc.

The form is submitting properly and also showing submissions on the form submissions page.

But when I look into the page, the page is not showing any submissions.

I read various other related topics and include all the required attributes but it is not working.

Do you have any suggestions upon why it is not working on the page?

Here is my code.
var hs_cont = {
“hutk”: hutk ,
“ipAddress”: ipAddress ,
“pageUrl”: pageurl ,
“pageId”: pageid,
“pageName”: pagename

var hs_context = encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify(hs_cont));


@Herry_mahey is the page a website page or a landing page? Only landing pages will show submission stats, so if the page is a website page, you’d need to use the More button to move it to a landing page.