Submit data to a form API Permissions


We are trying to use this API:

To post contact details to a hubspot form and include the hubspotutk cookie in the hs_context parameter.

Support confirmed we have permissions for this API, but we are still getting this response

"No submissions allowed. This HubSpot account is missing required permissions.
Sorry. Something’s not right. If you're a visitor to this website: Sorry. That doesn’t seem right. Please try submitting this form again. If this problem continues, please reach out to the site owner.
If you're the owner of this website: There was a problem with a form submission on your site.
Forms might not be working properly on your site because your HubSpot account doesn’t seem to have access to HubSpot Forms. Please contact support to learn more."

We've been able to get one of the Contacts APIs to work with no problem. Is this actually some permissions issue or do you think we're doing something else wrong? Let me know what other info you need, thank you!


False alarm. Looks like it was just a Hub ID issue.