Submit the data in deal pipeline



i have try to submit my data in deal pipeline but when i will try to submit the then i have getting below api errror
{“status”:“error”,“message”:“Property values were not valid”,“correlationId”:“dc8fe2fa-52f8-44a8-8bac-217f33513381”,“validationResults”:[{“isValid”:false,“message”:“25-03-2018 was not one of the allowed options: [label: “In 1-2 Wochen”\nvalue: “In 1-2 Wochen”\ndisplay_order: 0\ndouble_data: 0.0\nhidden: false\nread_only: false\n, label: “In 3-4 Wochen”\nvalue: “In 3-4 Wochen”\ndisplay_order: 1\ndouble_data: 0.0\nhidden: false\nread_only: false\n, label: “In 5-10 Wochen”\nvalue: “In 5-10 Wochen”\ndisplay_order: 2\ndouble_data: 0.0\nhidden: false\nread_only: false\n, label: “In mehr als 10 Wochen”\nvalue: “In mehr als 10 Wochen”\ndisplay_order: 3\ndouble_data: 0.0\nhidden: false\nread_only: false\n]”,“error”:“INVALID_OPTION”,“name”:“calculation_fbp_mr_time_period”}],“requestId”:“4736e0959c63c9f21859c9069dc76724”}
so how i will resolved this error


i have submit the deal pipelien recrod in below code way
$str_post=’{“associations”: {“associatedCompanyIds”: [],“associatedVids”: []},
“properties”: [{“value”:“Shop-Sales-Material”,“name”: “dealname”},
{“value”: “73772f35-f861-48ff-ab74-cbfa6ff89a67”,“name”: “dealstage”},
{“value”: “db0193a6-7f72-4fd4-bfd7-a58eff33b37d”,“name”: “pipeline”},
{“value”: “30175902”,“name”: “hubspot_owner_id”},
{“value”: “ashok”,“name”: “email”},
{“value”: “’.$date.’”,“name”: “closedate”},
{“value”: “8383”,“name”: “calculation_mr_kd_nr”},
{“value”: “near”,“name”: “calculation_mr_an_nr”},
{“value”: “patel”,“name”: “calculation_fbp_mr_material”},
{“value”: “25-03-2018”,“name”: “calculation_fbp_mr_time_period”},
{“value”: “1000”,“name”: “calculation_mr_result”},
{“value”: “template”,“name”: “calculation_fbp_mr_sq_m_”}]}’;

so let me know any mistakes from property values


Hi @php1_Vrinsoft,

If the calculation_fbp_mr_time_period property is a date or datetime property, you’ll need to format the value as a Unix millisecond timestamp (e.g. 25-03-2018 would be 1521950400000 in my timezone, Eastern Time).


Hello Darek

i have added the deal property data but i have to add deal section seperate filed in pipeline section so how i can create any perticular deal stage set seperate fileds ?
i have not required other dealstage property name so how i will create multiple deal stage set seperate pipeline filelds

and let me know i have pass those data is proper way?


Hi @php1_Vrinsoft,

You can set properties to be displayed when moving deals from one stage to another, but that’s only applicable when updating deal stages in the UI. If you’re looking to update that property automatically based on deal stage changes, you’ll have to build that on your end. I would recommend looking into the webhooks API:



in the hubspot sales section under deal area i have to store some customer information un contact area and deal inforamtion in deal pipline area then how i can store inforamtion in both place same time same informationcan you assist me which api i will use for there to display both information
and how i can check the slug for property name ?


Hi @php1_Vrinsoft,

I’m not sure I understand your question. If you’re looking for information on creating/updating contact records, you’ll want to check out the Contacts API. Similarly, you’ll need to use the Deals API to create/update deal records. I’m not entirely sure what you mean by ‘check the slug for property name,’ but it sounds like you might be looking for the internal value of contact/deal properties? If that’s the case, you’ll need both the Contact Properties and Deal Properties API. I’ve included links to the documentation for all of these APIs below:



How i can sybmit deal contact section add custom record in hubspot can you please provide me api for create the contact for deal section hubspot


Hi @php1_Vrinsoft,

The APIs I listed above are used to create both contact records and deal records.