Submitted through API on page: <form name> missing


Hi There,

We've integrated Turtl ( with Hubspot forms using the API key. We then load individual forms via a URL and replace the PortalID and FormID with those unique to the form.

Sample URL:

This works, except that the "Submitted through API on page: " is missing. This is problematic as we don't know what Turtl document was used to submit the form. I really want to avoid creating a unique form for every document.

Can we add this extra detail, page title/name/URL or any unique identifier onto the URL, like "&pageName=reference-guide", and how can I get this to appear in the form that's sent back to us?


Hi @Redstor,

I'm not quite following. The two submit form methods don't require any authentication.

If you're using the v2 Forms API, you can include pageName and pageUrl in the hs_context parameter to be encoded. For the v3 AJAX method, pageUri and pageName should be included in the context object.

What do you mean by "how can I get this to appear in the form that's sent back to us"? Neither of the submit form methods return the submission details and the contents of hs_context and context don't appear as true submitted fields. If you're referring to capturing the page name and URL as submitted form fields, you could also pass them as custom contact properties along with the other information the visitor actually filled out.