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Hey everyone! I am a heavy Zapier user and a ToDoist user and I want to manage all my tasks in ToDoist. There is Zapier functionality between the two apps but there is nothing to watch for new tasks/task updates etc.

There is another Zapier type app called Integromat that says they have a trigger off new engagements created so I am assuming there is something in the API that I could watch for regarding new enagements/updates etc. Anyway, I cannot find anywhere in the API where a new engagement or an updated engagement would trigger a webhook call or something like that I could watch.

Does anyone know of anything like that I am missing or is anyone doing the same thing?




Hi @mmjoeolsen,

There isn't currently any webhook functionality related to tasks or other engagements. It's possible that the integration you're referring to is polling the recent engagements endpoint?


Thanks Derek! I suppose I could make that work but I would have to build some extra logic around it. I was hoping there was just a trigger I could attach to whenever a new task was created or changed/completed. I suppose I'll have to look into that though is that's the only option. I feel like this would be a pretty easy thing for the team to implement and it would be extremely useful to anyone using a third party to-do list tool. Maybe at least consider building it into Zapier if not a full API addition.


@Derek_Gervais I built a very convoluted zapier integration to make everything work :slight_smile:

Now I would like to be able to mark a task as complete in hubspot crm if I comeplete it in todoist. I see an update engagement call but it does not look like I change the completion status. Am I missing something or is there another way?

Thanks for your help man.


Hi @mmjoeolsen,

I'm not 100% familiar with Zapier's functionality, but I don't believe it keeps track of a 1:1 relationship between your Todoist tasks and your HubSpot tasks. I made a test Zapier account to try it out, and it didn't seem possible. I'd recommend giving feedback to Zapier; when their support team gets feedback/ideas, they direct them to the app's authors. You could also try posting feedback in the HubSpot Community.


Thanks @Derek_Gervais! I actually got it to work. I append the HS task ID to the ToDoist task name and when I mark complete in ToDoist I just use the HSID and patch it. Works well.


Hi @mmjoeolsen,

That's awesome to hear, thanks for posting an update with your solution. I'll mark this as solved with your last post so others with similar questions can easily find it!