Sync Hubspot's Contact updates to an external website



Hey there!

The company I represent has his contacts on Hubspot website:
We need that when a contact his created/updated a notification is dispatched to the company's website:

I've made some tests with the developer account by creating 2 subscriptions:

  • on contact create
  • on firstname property change

I can successfully test Webhook URL:
on Subscription details > Test subscription > Url in both cases.

However when I create a new Contact or Update the contact's firstname I don't receive anything on my webhook:
And.. the Webhook logging menu shows the message:

No webhooks to be found.
There will be more to see here once you set up a webhook subscription.
Create webhook subscription

Although the menu "Webhook subscriptions" has the 2 subscriptions I've mentioned above with status "Active".

Am I missing anything?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @rjfm670,

This might be a basic question, but is your app installed in the company's portal? If so, can you send me a link to your webhook logging and the Hub ID of the portal you want to receive notifications from?


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

Just checking if we are on the same page:
I'm gonna update my contact's (John Doe) job title here on hubspot:<ID_1>/contact/<ID_2>/?interaction=note
Job Title 1st value:
Job Title updated value:

I need this update to be fired to my portal's webhook:

I've made the following configuration:

Code inside my webhook's (
(I'm using this lib:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';
$hubspot = SevenShores\Hubspot\Factory::create(<my_Developer_HAPIkey>);

$f = fopen( 'php://input', 'r' );
while( $line = fgets( $f ) ) {
file_put_contents('hs_logs.txt', $line . PHP_EOL , FILE_APPEND | LOCK_EX);
fclose( $f );

When I update one contact's job title I don't get anything.
Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @rjfm670,

That makes things very clear, thank you for including those details. The question I have is; in order for webhook notifications to fire, the app must be installed to your production portal. The following developer doc describes this installation process:

Is your app properly installed into your production portal? You can confirm this by checking out your integrations settings page. If the app is installed properly, I'll need to dig a bit deeper in order to figure out what might be going wrong. Can you send me a link to your webhook logging and the production portal that you're trying to get notifications from?