Sync of the customer data


Hi guys, we currently have a problem with our customer data sync via API.
Our customer data are synced based on the HubSpot VID but the assignments in HubSpot are wrong. For example the country code. That’s a huge problem 'cause german-speaking customers are receiving italian or polish mailings. Is it possible that you guys have a look on our interface again? How can we solve that issue?
Thank you!
Greetings, Lisa Marie


Hi @LMH,

Just to make sure that we’re on the same page, are you referring to the ‘IP Country’ property? Or a different property that isn’t properly syncing?


Hi, yes, talking about the IP Country property.


Hi @LMH,

The IP properties are useful, but they’re not perfect. IP address locations can be missing or inaccurate for a number of reasons:

  1. HubSpot may not find a match for the geolocation properties against its databases.
  2. The visitor is using a VPN, which affects their IP location
  3. The visitor may not have an IP if they haven’t submitted a form
  4. The visitor may not have an IP location, since IP address location data can be spotty in certain areas of the world

I would recommend using IP location data in tandem with other information like the country/region the contact has specified to avoid incorrect region assignments. Outside of the limitations of the IP properties, are there any other issues specific to the APIs you’re encountering?


Hi Derek,

I’m so sorry, I was reading over ‘IP’. I guess the issue is with the country property. We’re pushing the data from our crm system into Hubspot and it’s based on the Hubspot VID.

So for example: 1. a sales colleagues update data of a customer in our crm, 2. the updated data (based on the VID) is pushed to Hubspot, 3. customer is marked with the wrong property (country, adress etc) in Hubspot

Honestly I think it’s an internal issue or the HubSpot VID is assigned to the wrong customer.
I just wanted to double check that our interface to Hubspot is alright? Are you able to check the interface if the settings are correct?

Many thanks.



Hi @LMH,

Ah I see, my mistake. I’d be happy to take a look; can you give me an example call you’re making to the HubSpot API, and if possible a corresponding contact in HubSpot that wasn’t correctly updated?


Hi @Derek_Gervais, yes sure!

Customer ID in HubSpot: 236938 -> corresponding HubSpot VID in our crm: 27844857
But these two numbers are not “connected”. When I update data of customer 236938 the updated data gets pushed to a completely different customer (in this case to customer ID 246293). The linking of the VID ist not correct.


Hi @LMH,

Can you specify which portal you’re referring to?


Hi @Derek_Gervais,
to our internal crm system named backoffice.


Hi @LMH,

I’m sorry, I’m not sure we’re on the same page. In order to take a look at the contacts you’re referring to, I need to know what your Hub ID is. You can find this based on the article below, or you can copy and paste a link from your HubSpot portal here. To effectively help, I’ll need a specific example contact (I can use the one listed above if that’s an example) and the full request that was made to HubSpot to try and update the contact record (you might have to get this raw data from your development team).


Hi @Derek_Gervais, oops my mistake, I’m sorry. Our Hub ID is: 2248975. And yes, you can use the example contact listed above. I also talked to my colleague from the development team. Here’s his answer:

Our workflow looks like this: When a new customer in created in our CRM we push the data via Email Address to Hubspot and a new contact is created. (Email is unique in our system)
The same happens then a customer is edited. (only updating the data of course)
At night we are downsyncing the VisitorIDs and make sure every customer gets his unique hubspot visitor id.
As soon as the VisitorID is saved on our side the VistiorID will be used for pushing the data, no longer the email.

I can’t give you the raw data of a customer that was pushed wrong cause we are not logging each request.
But we have created a log and checked if the correct VisitorID according to our own customer id is used in the push, and this is the case. So from our side it seems unlikely to be a problem that an existing hubspot customer suddenly gets data pushed and overwritten from another customer.

But maybe there is also a problem on our side that we have not figured out yet. To make sure mass pushing was not the problem we are only pushing one customer per request, so it is more unlikely that the data of the customers are mixed on our side.

I hope that helps?


Hi @LMH,

So just some information on what I’ve done thusfar: I’ve jumped into your portal (Hub ID 2248975) and looked for the example contact you’ve listed above. What I found is that none of the three values you provided (236938, 27844857, 246293) correspond to a vid for a contact in your portal. The first value you provided (Customer ID in HubSpot: 236938) does appear to represent a contact:

But the other values you listed don’t appear associated with that contact, and the vid for that contact isn’t listed in the values you mentioned at all. Is that the contact that you’re referring to? If not, can you send me a link to the contact in HubSpot that you were referring to?