Synchronize with Mailchimp using Zapier




I want to know if a contact unsubscribed from Mailchimp. But I can not fill some native fields like

  • hs_email_optout_4537598
  • hs_email_optout

Because they are read_only fields.

  1. I guess I must use the API to unsubscribe an email with, that is right ?
  2. How these native fields are updated ?


Hi @laupifrpar,

You can use the Email API to opt contacts out of email, but not into email. If a contact has opted out from Mailchimp, you can use the Email API to opt the contact out of email.



But how do I subscribe (opt-in) a contact ?


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Hi @laupifrpar,

This is a bit different now; you still can't opt in a contact who has explicitly opted out of email, but you can opt in new contacts. Check out the following docs for more details here:

Specifically, check out the example for opting in a contact to certain email types.