Synchronizing Sales Activities Between Hubspot and another CRM system



Our developers have already completed 80% of this integration. We are able to synchronize contacts between Vitals and Hubspot. The challenge we are running into is with being able to synchronize the Sales Activities between Vitals and Hubspot. Originally we thought that the Engagements API would be the best way to submit a Sales Activity from Vitals to Hubspot but our developers could not make a successful call with that API. It is our undestanding that you must be a CRM customer of Hubspot to be able to use the Engagments API.

As an alternative to the Engagements API, when a Sales Activity gets created in Vitals it will be one of the following Activity Types. If we can somehow create these in Hubspot as a Timeline event with ability to provide a date/time stamp, this would get us going in the right direction I think.

Admission Paperwork
Direct Mail
Home Visit
Initial Inquiry - Email
Initial Inquiry - Mail
Initial Inquiry - Phone Call
Initial Inquiry - Walk In
Initial Inquiry - Website
Move-In Process
Phone Call
PR Event - Offsite
PR Event - Onsite
Professsional Networking
Reservation Cancelled
Reserve Apartment
Sales Call / Bus Dev
Text - Referral
Text- Lead
Tour - Initial
Wait List Deposit
Wait List Refund

We would also like to pass the activity notes over as this is considered critical information for the marketing teams. This is a text field in our database and supports up to 8000 characters.

Please advise on what our best options are to…

  1. Create a Sales Activity in Hubspot using one of the Activity Types from the list.
  2. Add a date/time stamp to that Sales Activity.
  3. Include the Notes that go with that Sales Activity.


@brock.harris Engagements API is the best way to go. The CRM is free so if you don’t have access to it now you can just contact your Customer Success Manager and they can add it for you. I actually expect this to just be included in your portal anyways but some of the older portals might need to be “turned on” for CRM access.