Syncing Engagements - How get Deletes?


We want to to engagements (TASKs specifically). I don’t see anyway of us to tell if a task has been deleted from HubSpot. Nothing about the task appears in the recent update API.

Contacts, companies and deals provide notification via Webhook but I don’t see anything similar for engagements.

How could we keep our data in sync when a delete occurs?


Hi @homerlex,

Deleted engagements will not be returned when getting engagements via the API, nor will they appear in-app. There isn’t currently a way to subscribe to engagement deletions or pull deleted engagements. Engagements aren’t deleted as commonly as contacts/companies/deals since they tend to track events (calls, meetings, emails) or provide info about an interaction (notes, tasks). I’m not aware of any plans to implement webhooks for engagement deletions, but I’d recommend posting your use case on the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community