Syncing product sales to Hubspot deals and products via API


I am new to Hubspot and am working with a new client to sync data into Hubspot from an ecomm system. We have previously done this for a customer that simply wanted contact information sync'ed over. But the new customer also wants product sales data. In looking through the online documentation, it looks like we can use deals and products to track the information we want.

For example, if Customer A makes a purchase of Product 1 & 2 in the ecomm system, it looks like we can use the HAPI to create a deal and associate the products as line items in the deal. So at this point, a Hubspot "deal" becomes analogous to our "invoice" in the ecomm system. Does this sound right? So it won't be tracking the progress of a deal, but more keeping a record of a deal that already occurred so the client and create targeted marketing campaigns aimed at contacts who made certain purchases.

I saw a blog here - - that indicates that we can create a product library. However, the API docs here - - seem to indicate that the products API is still in "preview".

I want to make sure that using the Hubspot APIs, we can add products to the product library, create a deal, and associate customer and product details with that deal. Is this all possible through the API?

Thank you!


Have you looked at this for your purpose:


This looks really good. I think this definitively answers my question. As far as the Hubspot products required for this, it looks like the Marketing and Sales pro will be needed in order to support deals and products.
Thank you.