System Architecture: Email Automation, App in-box Notifications, Admin Helpdesk Control Rest API, Push Notifications


Hello, thank you for reading this thread.

We have a Joomla website on which we administer our clients through a helpdesk joomla component.
We also have an third party email automation system with supports REST API.
We use this to trigger automations rules from our website (visited pages) for email campaign followups.

We are currently researching for a custom app developement.

Goal: We would like to integrate the communication of all these systems

We need dev solution help to find solutions to:

-Send notification to the custom app when custom fields values are at a certain states on our joomla helpdesk components (ex: payments, exceeding dates, reminders, surveys, different email for the ticket handler and the client)
-Trigger email automation from the joomla helpdesk component actions (Using REST API)
-Send email and information from the joomla helpdesk component to the custom app
-Synchronize a Joomla reward component with the custom app
-Trigger email automations and app notifications based on user actions on the custom app.

Thank you so much for your help.
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References (System Requirements):


@MagalieGuit80 Can you expand upon the HubSpot part of your solution? I am trying to figure out where in your solution you are trying to leverage the HubSpot APIs?


Sorry newbie here. HubSpot API include REST API for our scenario, right?


It does, I’m still trying to figure out where HubSpot fits into your scenario. How are you using HubSpot today?


I am not too sure if we need to integrate HubSpot APIs, we are currently seeking advice for the architecture of our systems as described above. Any general comments?

Thank you


@MagalieGuit80 this is a forum about the HubSpot APIs. I would try stackoverflow if you have questions that are unrelated to this forum.


Thanks a lot! Regards