Tag concept for contatcs



Is there a process to create tag & add that tags to contacts ? If not, is there another way to associate certain qualities to contacts ?


Hi @Monika_Jadhav,

You can create a custom contact property that stores multiple values (referred to here as a multiple checkboxes property):


Thanks for the link & I have idea about the custom properties in hubsopt.
But I want to know is there any concept like tag which are in other CRM's like active campaign or ontraport.

I want to implement Hubspot with custom properties & tags.

So let me know if you have any information about it.

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Hi @Monika_Jadhav,

There isn't any built-in tag functionality for HubSpot contacts. If you were to implement some sort of custom tagging solution, it'd involve using custom contact properties; they wouldn't be separate entities in HubSpot.


Thanks for the quick response.

Can you share me any link regarding how i can implement tagging functionality using custom contact properties or any example of it if you have.


Hi @Monika_Jadhav,

I don't really have any resources/examples related to this specific use case, but you can start by checking out the resources I included above and creating a multiple checkbox custom contact property. These properties can store one or many values from a list; for example if your property had three possible values (Tag 1, Tag 2, Tag 3), then a particular contact might have the following values:

  • Tag 1 []
  • Tag 2 [x]
  • Tag 3 [x]

In this way, you can simulate 'tags'.


Thank you for the information.
I will try to implement it.