Tag inside GTM Causing From Button to become disabled



We are trying to solve an issue for a customer that uses HubSpot to generate a form on their page. The customer uses Google Tag Manager to piggyback some vendor tracking codes also. There is one tag which, when included in the GTM call, somehow makes the submit button on the form not work.

We have tried to perform traces, but are limited in what we can figure out b/c the errors are not very verbose in the traces.

Is there something to look out for when implementing tags in GTM that could negatively interact with a HubSpot form?


Hi @allisonknoch,

It depends heavily on what the different tags are doing. Is it possible that the tag in question is disabling for actions or something or other? Do you have a specific example page that's experiencing this issue? It might be worthwhile to reach out to the organization that created the tag in question for more technical details on the tag.