Targeted logging of emails


Dear Hubspot-Developers,

Great tool to log emails to contacts! We are keen to use it.

The problem that we are facing right now is: We want to log 1 specific email that is of importance and check the box. In the following emails/replies we do not chekc the log box, but the whole email thread is logged - 100s of emails and we cannot find the important emails anymore.

Is it possible to have the option to only log specific emails? I assume this can be programmed?

Looking forward to your feedback!

Many thanks in advance,

Vanessa, Marketing Manager, Hinicio


Hi @Hinicio, have you reached out to Support about this? We do not have any API endpoints to program the logging of emails and choosing which ones get logged or not. That's all manual from within the tool. I believe all replies on an email you explicitly pressed "log" on will get logged to the CRM. Support may be able to provide more context, though


Hi @Connor_Barley,
Thanks for your reply! Yes, it is manually to log emails and that is fine. The issue is:

  1. Email a1 I log manually
  2. Email a2 reply is received is logged (that would be ok)
  3. Email a3 replying to the reply I do not log manually, BUT it is automatically logged. (This I do not want). > how is it possible to turn this off? Is it possible to change this in the program?