Tawk.To & Hubspot API Merge issue


Hello, I’m currently trying to set up a link between Hubspot and a chat program called Tawk.To. I have all of the server and IMAP information correct as well as the Hubspot API but the API gets an error message every time I try to enter it. Did anyone have this problem or something similar to it?


@Joshua_Mikula Do you have a specific error that you could share?


Thanks for the response.
Here is a picture when I try to save the data. It just states that the issue is a connection error. All of the tawk.to server data is correct but the Hubspot API is the issue that Im getting. Any idea what it could be?


@Joshua_Mikula I’m not sure what that is a picture of. Where is that a screen shot of? Do you have the error that is logged in the console and not from a toast message.


It is from the hubspot tawk to dashboard. The message appears in the top right corner any time the save button is hit.


It does not give a specific error code or anything. It just states that an error has occurred.


@Joshua_Mikula Have you tried contacting Tawk.to? The error is happening on their side and with out more information I can’t dig into what is going on.


I tried but unfortunately, they weren’t very helpful. Do you know what I should ask them?


@Joshua_Mikula I would ask if they have any documentation on how to set up the HubSpot integration. That might give you some clues on what might be going wrong. Maybe it is a configuration issue.


Hi Peter,
Since we last talked the system appeared to accept the Hubspot API code. Not sure what changed but it would appear to be working now. Thanks for your help!


I’m glad it is working, thanks for letting me know!


Hi all,

can you please write the step on how you integrated them?

my email is bouafiamed@gmail.com if you want to send me anything

thanks a mil


Hi all! Thanks for the info.

Joshua, I would really like to know how you integrated both services. Can you please write the step by step so that any other interested people can get it done?

I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again.



I am interested as well, currently we have tawk running on our wordpress site but not linked in any way to our hubspot account. Once integrated, will it pull user details like company name, etc?


Can you share me the step by step integration process between HubSpot and twak live chat will be a great for me as well. You can send me on my email I’d kumarprashant.cbld@gmail.com


Hi there, i am intrested as well, can someone send me the step by step instegration process. You can send me on my email ihincapie@coordenadas.co


Hi, can you also sent me the steps for integration on my email jatin818@gmail.com


I would also be grateful if you have any integration steps you could share. madrax2018@gmail.com


We want to automate our lead generation process. Please share the integration steps. Thankyou. Sikander.luni@findmyadventure.pk