Telling how many contacts become low engagement over time


I am using the HubSpot API to make a number of dashboards to monitor the performance of our email communications. One thing I wanted to do was see how many contacts became "low engagement" as a result of each email we send.
Using the API I can see the following stats for each email, but no documentation about what they might mean:

Maybe "statuschange"?
Does anyone know if any of these data points are relevant to what I want to find out, or ideas for another method of achieving this?
Anywhere with documentation about this part of the API?




Hi @bruno.riddy,

By 'low engagement', are you referring to the low engagement list mentioned in the following Knowledge Base article:

This isn't directly included in the email API; the statuschange that you're referring to represents a contact unsubscribing or otherwise updating their subscription preferences. To get the contacts that meet the criteria for low engagement, you'd need to use the Lists API to pull contacts from the list mentioned in the Knowledge Base article above.