Test Portal to use forms, templates etc of the real portal



We have recently launched our site. As the result, we can’t always feed dummy information to the real database (from contacts, form submission etc) especially we use some of the APIs (contacts and form). Then I learned that I can use the test portal to perform testings etc.

But the real problem comes in. Do I have to recreate every single form, workflow, email template, page templates etc in order to even start populate dummy content and contacts then to really do some testing? It is just doesn’t feel practical to have everything to re-setup.

It sounds to me the test portal has no use other than the very initial stage of setup of the account. Can someone confirm me with this. If I was wrong, how can I test with at least partial information from the live portal and make the setup to test less time consuming?


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Hi @phena109

We don’t have a true sandbox environment, so there isn’t a function to copy data between your live portal and the test portal. Any data you want to copy into the test portal would need to happen manually, though it would be possible to automate some of that using the APIs, depending on what data you’d want in the test portal.