Test / Sandbox Portal lists (and other features)



It appears that a recent change to product SKU's at Hubspot removed certain features that were previously available. For example, we can no longer request static lists from the API:

    "message":"This oauth-token ([redacted]) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [contacts-lists-access])",

While I understand the importance of limiting features to certain production editions, this makes developing solutions on the platform problematic. Testing this kind of basic functionality is critical and IMO shouldn't be limited in sandbox accounts since they can't be used for production purposes.


Hi @chundley,

Test portals should have access to the lists tool. Can you send me the Hub ID of the test portal you're working in?


Portal: 2725564



Hi Derek, any update on this?


Hi @chundley,

Sorry for the delay here. That portal had some weirdness, possibly because it's relatively old. It should be fine now; can you check to make sure you have lists? Also, you can always create new test portals from your dev portal testing dashboard.