Testing sales professional click tracking?



I have the need to test click tracking from the Hubspot Sales Chrome Extension, but the test Hub I have created in my Developer portal does not have the Sales Professional package enabled.

This package seems to be required in order for the “Track” feature to take effect in the Sales chrome extension.

How can I upgrade my test Hub or have this provisioned?


Hi @samsmith,

Test portals do not have access to HubSpot Sales Starter or Professional features. I’d be happy to help answer specific questions related to the way HubSpot Sales tracks email clicks: Tracked links will appear in the following format in the email received by your contact:


This temporary redirection to the t.sidekickopen.com domain is how HubSpot tracks link clicks. Do you have any specific questions related to the click tracking?


Thanks for clarifying, Derek.

I have a Chrome Extension that also performs URL transformation in Gmail messages, when a user clicks “Send”. Currently, some users who have both of our extensions installed have a problem - the Sidekick transforms the link first, and then ours is unable to identify the previous links to be transformed for our own purposes (we add a few URL params).

I don’t believe there’s a way to control which of our extensions execute first, so I need to understand how your link wrapping works. My goal is to reverse engineer that, so that your redirection takes the user to the desired URL.


What would a link like the one above become, as a result of being wrapped by Sidekick?

A more official route would be to incorporate support into the Sidekick extension itself. While I am a Connect partner, I doubt that’s on your immediate roadmap :slight_smile:


Any info on the URL wrapping example above?


Hi @samsmith,

Thank you for your patience. The structure of the new link address will always follow the same pattern:
The entire original URL is preserved through this process, so your example would have the following structure:


Got it - Sounds like you’re just doing a standard HTML encoding on the original link and then that becomes the value for the “?t=” parameter on the t.sidekickopen.com URL.