Testresults via PHP in HubSpot Landingpage


Hello to the developer forum,

hope somebody can help us. We have put a test in HubSpot. Our prospective customers answer 10 questions between 1 and 10. From these points we calculate a graph, which we want to present to our prospective customers as a test result via the HubSpot Landingpage.

The graphic is calculated outside of HubSpot in Wordpress. The prospect should see the graphic then in realtime on the HubSpot Landingpage, after asking this with a call to Action Button.

Please also refer to the enclosed the jpg


How can we map this requirement into HubSpot?

We look forward to hearing from you



Hi @Frank_Meier,

Just to make sure that we’re on the same page, does the graph live on a Wordpress page after a contact submits the test? Depending on how that graph is being created/rendered, you might be able to add an <iframe> tag to your HubSpot landing page that shows the test results.


Hi Derek,

thanks for your answer. Meanwhile we have found a solution!

Greets from Germany.