Text field conditions for custom timeline event appear limited



We noticed that some of our text fields for the timeline events we have created for tracking even attendance and registrations for systems like Webex only have 3 options for conditions (is equal to, not equal to, contains). This is much less then the normal text field conditions found on other fields in HubSpot. Is there something we are doing wrong or is this a known limitation of text properties in a custom timeline event?


Hi @Luke_Owen,

This is the expected functionality of custom timeline event properties. Object properties (contact, company, deal) have more options in part due to the fact that they're accompanied by a full property history, while timeline event properties don't have that same history. You might consider creating an object property and mapping your custom event properties to that object property, which would give you some additional flexibility.


Hi @Luke_Owen,

You might have noticed this already, but you should now be able to take advantage of an updated set of string filters, such as 'does not contain', 'starts with', 'ends with', 'is known', and 'is unknown'. Hope this helps!


Awesome! Thanks for the heads up Derek. I had not been aware of this update but will pass along to our customer that was interested in these more advanced options.