The quota number is not updated from owners API result


We are using owners API to pull user info and quota we set for each sales rep:

However, we noticed the quota numbers are not updating since last month. We set the quota in the "settings" -> "reports" -> "goal". And then set the monthly goal for each sales rep. Previously the API and program worked well and we always get the updated quota number from the API. But now it always returns the old data which was set in the previous month.

Could you fix? It's confusing to the team!


Hi @richard, to my knowledge, this information isn't surfaced in the Owners API, but it could have changed. Can you send me a bit more information? Would you share:

  1. The full request URL you used, including the method (you can exclude Hapikey).
  2. The raw request body, including the headers.
  3. Your HubID



Hi Connor,

Below are the URL and method we used in a python script. Our HubID is 1752569.

81 url = ""

82 response = requests.get(

83 url,

84 headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer " + get_token()},

85 verify = True, # Verify SSL certificate

86 )


HI Connor,

What do you think the problem could be? We cannot pull the quota number info anymore and it was working previously.


Hi Connor,

Have you received my email? How to get correct quota information from the API?


Hi @richard, apologies for the delay -- I'm not sure how this one slipped through the cracks. After some digging, it looks like those fields are definitely not updating. From speaking with folks internally, there are plans to have that field deprecated and we suggest moving away from relying on that field. At the present time, you can pull info from that field, but any changes to them in the UI will not carry over to the API. Portals previously had a quota field on the Contact Owner property. When we ungated portals for the new "Goals" tool (Settings > Reporting > Goals), we were looking to iterate on that and eventually add in quotas for tickets and any other object that might exist in the coming years by releasing a new endpoint for Goals. At the moment, however, we don't know when the release of that endpoint would be. Apologies for the lack of communication on this front, and you should see an announcement in the coming days in our changelog