The wrong name sent by the API to GetResponse



I have strange problem with integration with GetResponse.

#1 I created Lead Flow (Slide in) with two input fields: Email and First Name
#2 In HubSpot Contact everything is ok, name or e-mail are correct, but…
#3 In GetResponse, in Name field i see: "[optional] NAME [optional] NAME
#4 This wrong name is sent on autoresponder

What’s wrong? This is problem on HubSpot or GetResponse?

Get Response Integration

Hi @pawelwitek,

My guess would be that the issue lies in how GetResonse is parsing the data we send when we push contacts to them. Can you reach out to GetResponse support with this info and see what they can find? to dig deeper, I’d need to know what they’re doing with the data we send as well as what they’re seeing.


Thanks for your answer!

I asked GR support, and i waiting for solve this problem.


Hi @Derek_Gervais!

GetResponse support answered me (after testing API):

Here’s what we got from HubSpot:


for name “Paweł” and mail ""

The name value agrees with what is in the account:

We are unable to determine whether the name was badly typed in the form,
whether HubSpot integration did not work, but on our side the data is
Added exactly in the format that we receive from HubSpot.

Got an idea what might be wrong? :confused:


Hi @pawelwitek,

Can you direct message me your Hub ID and give me an example contact that did not appear correctly in GetResponse?


Hi @pawelwitek,

This issue should now be resolved. If you continue to experience this please don’t hesitate to respond to this thread again.


Now, everything working correctly.
Thank you very much for resolved this issue!