This hapikey(XXXX) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [hubdb-read])



I have provided hubdb-read scope in auth url but still getting this error.

[status] => error
[message] => This hapikey (redacted) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [hubdb-read])
[correlationId] => abb40339-bce3-4e2d-b17a-0251649953d4
[requestId] => df3ab7c5034964467720d3333bda08f7


Hi @amit_singh,

Since a HubSpot API key always has full access to all APIs that a given account has access to, this error almost always means that the HubSpot account in question doesn't have in-app access to the relevant tools. In your case, this means that your HubSpot account doesn't include HubDB, and therefore doesn't include API access to HubDB.

You also might be using your developer hapikey instead of your production hapikey. Your developer hapikey can be found in your HubSpot Developer account, and is used to update your app's configuration settings and other developer-related things. It does not give access to any API related to your production account; for that, you'll need your production hapikey. You can find this by following the steps in this Knowledge Base article:

One final note: This is a public forum, so you should refrain from posting any sensitive data, particularly authorization keys (e.g. API keys, OAuth tokens, etc.). I've removed your hapikey from the post, but I would strongly recommend deactivating it and generating a new one since it was visible on the forums for a while.


Thanks, for your support. It worked for me I was using the wrong key. And next time I will take care of my sensitive data. Thanks Again.