This hapikey xxxx does not have proper permissions


Hi ,
i have a Free CRM / Marketing account and I would to access through API to my Contacts & Deals ( loaded through web interface ) but we try to invoke this API :{ my hapikey }
I got this error :

{“status”:“error”,“message”:“This hapikey ( { my hapikey } ) does not have proper permissions! (requires any of [contacts-read])”,“correlationId”:“36f64cfb-c252-4ea3-b5f2-de894e34188d”,“requestId”:“243afa0c019d92680ecdf7c57d3d089e”}

Why ?

API Key Permission Errors

Hi @MrAzure,

Can you direct message me your hapikey?


I can’t send you a direct message , here are : (redacted) .
I will change it.


Hi @MrAzure,

That hapikey was the API key to your developer portal, which does not have access to any of the Marketing/CRM scopes. The developer hapikey can only be used to make requests to the developer tools settings. You’ll need to use the API key from your production Marketing/CRM account to make those calls.


Can i use it although i have a free CRM / Marketing Account ? And also where i find my API key
in Marketing/CRM account of production ?


Hi @MrAzure,

To make requests to your Marketing/CRM portal, you’ll need the API key from that portal. Instructions on how to get that are below:


Hi Derek.

I've been following this thread as I'm having the same issues as MrAzure.

Following the instructions on the site, I have found the "Integrations" option. However, when I do click that, there's no option I can find to generate an API key. Can you help me with this by any chance please?


Hi @DrProcter,

Can you give me your Hub ID?


Hi Derek.

  Thanks for this.

              I'm not exactly certain what you're asking for, so I took a         screen shot.  Hopefully that has what you're needing:

    <img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/f/f45912e47f8ebcaa30cc97575f14d44daaa44f9d.png" alt="">


Hi @DrProcter,

Sorry, I can't get that image to load properly due to whatever strange formatting is happening. Can you post your screenshot again? You can also find your Hub ID by following the instructions below:


Thanks Derek.

  Here is my HUBSpot ID I think: 4515582

    <img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/4/4a63446d33da32ab8dd0623abcdd9bf2c013490c.png" alt="">

HAPI key not working

Hi @DrProcter,

That's helpful; thank you. Looking up that Hub ID, I can see that it's a developer portal. Developer portals don't have access to any of the regular HubSpot tools that Marketing/CRM portals do. In order to test out your integration, you'll need to get the hapikey from a test Marketing/CRM portal; you can follow the steps in the following Knowledge Base article to create a test portal, and then when you log into that test portal you'll be able to follow the steps in the previous Knowledge Base article to grab your API key.