This hub doesn't have access to some HubSpot features that are required by this integration. Please contact the integrator



I am thankful for the help in advance!
Following is the error message which is being generate while integrating hubspot with Magento (E-commerce platform). Any idea what kind of features are missing?? This is happening with just one hubspot account, same magento extension works fine with other hubspot accounts. Can this be something specific to a hubspot account, if yes, what it can be?

Request for Integration Permissions

Uh oh!
This hub doesn't have access to some HubSpot features that are required by this integration. Please contact the integrator.



Hi @ahsan,

This error occurs when your portal doesn't have access to a product/tool that it requires to function. For example, a Marketing Free & CRM portal would not be able to install an integration that required access to Hub DB. I'm not sure exactly which integration you're using (since there are a couple that integrate HubSpot and Magento), but if you can give me your Hub ID and a link to the integration page I can tell you which product/tool you're missing.


hi Derek,

Apologies for the delay in providing the details.
Here is hubspot ID: 4253271
Here is the hubspot integrator (Magento) which i am trying to use:

I am very thankful for you time in this concern. Thanks a lot in advance for your guidance!


Hi @ahsan,

That portal (Hub ID 4253271) has all the proper scopes to authorize the Magento integration (which is requesting contacts and forms). I can see that Magento has you enter your Hub ID, and then directs you through the OAuth flow; are you sure you're selecting the correct portal from the portal picker page? Does the user authorizing the integration have admin permissions?


I am also facing the same issue. I am using the same app credentials that I was using previously but now its not working. I am accessing API's for authorizing user and generate oauth for further use. Please reply soon as I am not able to make my application work with Hubspot.


Hi, I'm currently running into the same issue.

I'm using a marketing account and an API account. The API Account has ticked the following scopes:

My request url is:

Am I missing something?
My Hubspot ID for the API Account is 4364798
The Hubspot ID for the main account is 3881681

When I'm trying to use the API Key instead of oauth I'm unable to download workflows and get email subscription types. The error message is:
{“status”:“error”,“message”:“This hapikey ( { my hapikey } ) does not have proper permissions! ... }

Is there a way to grant access?

My assumption was that I need the API Key of the main account instead of the API account but when I'm trying to get the key by using the links:

I'm getting the messages:

Access Denied - You do not currently have access to this content. If you would like access, please contact your Portal administrator.

Access Denied - Your Portal does not currently have access to this content. If you would like access, please contact your Customer Success Manager in order to upgrade your subscription.

Also I can not see menu point "HubSpot API Key" which is mentioned here:

Maybe the article is outdated?


Hi @smarterme and @a_hubspot_api_user,

Just to make sure we're all on the same page, the error referenced in this topic ("This hub doesn't have access to some HubSpot features that are required by this integration. Please contact the integrator") occurs when trying to authorize an integration that requires scopes related to products that the portal does not have access to.

For example; if your integration requires the hubdb scope, only portals that have access to the HubDB tool will be able to authorize the integration. Users trying to authorize a Marketing/CRM Free portal will see this error.

@smarterme in your case, it's possible that the portal you were authorizing was downgraded, so that it no longer has access to the products your integration is requiring.

@a_hubspot_api_user in your case, it looks like the portal you're trying to install the app to (Hub ID 3881681) doesn't have access to the Transactional Email add-on, and therefore cannot authorize the transactional-email scope.


Thanks for your quick response.
So, I will be able to use my app with upgraded Hubspot portal, is that what you are suggesting me?

Thanks in advance!


It seems like lots of people have issues around OAuth and user permissions. We have multiple users who have access to the same hubSpot account with same user login permissions ticked and yet some can OAuth against our App fine, yet others can not. Trying to get a list of user permissions required to give to our clients seems impossible! There are clearly permission errors


This issue is not allowing my application to work with Hubspot as I am not able to get the user authenticated. The error is not persistent. Some of my users are able to use my application but many are getting this message as they try to get logged in to their Hubspot portal using app.

Please suggest me a proper solution so that I can make the necessary changes if required.

Thanks in advance!

Already using API Key (hapi). Should I convert to 0Auth for server-to-hubspot integration?

Hi @smarterme and @Lee_Farthing,

I think one point of confusion here is the idea of user/portal/app permissions. Let me see if I can clear up some of the differences:

  • Users have certain roles related to the permissions they have within a HubSpot portal. Some users can access the blog tool, while others can only access the CRM. Some users are admins, and still others might be super admins. These user roles affect whether or not a particular user can approve an integration.
  • Portals each have certain tools associated with them based on their product tier and included add ons. Some portals are Marketing/CRM Free, some are Marketing Enterprise & Sales Professional, and some may have the Reporting add on. These product levels affect whether or not a particular portal can install an integration.
  • App request certain scopes when initiating an OAuth2 connection. Your app may request content, contacts, and timeline, for example. All scopes can be required or optional. In order for your app to be installed to a given portal, two things must be true:
    • The portal must contain the tools corresponding to the required scopes the integration is requesting. (e.g. If the integration is requesting the hubdb scope, the portal in question must have access to the HubDB tool)
    • The user who is authorizing the app must be an admin, and must have the roles required to authorize the required scopes the integration is requesting. (e.g. If I'm trying to approve an integration that is requesting the hubdb scope, I must have the proper HubDB-related role to approve the integration)

Knowing these things, it's clear that whether or not an integration can be installed depends on the combination of the app's required scopes, the portals product tier, and the authorizing user's role. This is what makes troubleshooting these issues so situation-specific; slight differences in user roles, portal tiers, or required scopes can be factors in why a particular user/portal/app combination isn't working as expected.

Apps are portal-wide

An important thing to consider here is that integrations are always portal-wide. This means that a single user authorizes an integration, and that integration can then function for the entire portal. The OAuth2 flow should be thought of as installing an app to your portal; one user (an admin) needs to approves the app, and 'install' it to the portal. After that, the integration provides some user-independent functionality to the portal. It's not possible to create user-specific integrations using the HubSpot APIs, so there shouldn't ever be situations where more than one user needs to complete the OAuth2 flow for a single portal.

Common errors

This hub doesn't have access to some HubSpot features that are required by this integration. Please contact the integrator

  • This error means there is an issue with the portal. The portal being selected does not contain the tools that correspond to the required scopes the integration is requesting.

You do not have the correct role to grant these permissions. Please contact your administrator

  • This error means there is an issue with the user. The user attempting to authorize the app does not have the roles required to authorize the required scopes the integration is requesting.

When in doubt, having a super admin try to install the integration is a good place to start. A super admin will have the proper role to approve any integration.

Getting help

In general, I need the portal's Hub ID, the user's email address, and the app's required scopes in order to effectively troubleshoot OAuth2 issues. Because of how situation specific these issues are, it's also usually best to create a new topic for your issue instead of posting on an existing topic, even if the issues seem related.

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Faced with same issue,now sorted

just installing the app in a new demo portal and worked


Where in Hubspot can one see a portal's scopes - and I mean in terms of contacts, forms, social, content, reports, files, hubdb, automation, etc., not Hubspot tools and/or product tier?

I've looked high and low under "Settings" (as Super Admin) and don't see anything telling me what scopes my portal might permit an integration to access.


I am also facing the same issue while integrating an application xerosync to connect with hubspot. While trying to connect with hubspot, the clients get this issue:

Uh oh!

This hub doesn't have access to some HubSpot features that are required by this integration. Please contact the integrator.

Is there a link where clients can visit and see what scope they are missing that is stopping them from integrating an application?

The scope that I request for integration during Oauth are:
i. Create timeline events
ii. Basic OAuth functionality
iii. Access to integrations sync features

Does hubspot provides developers with testing account where developers can limit certain license or functionality to test.


Hi @bubbly and @asmin_hbspot_dev,

I'll try to address each of your posts directly, but there's also information relevant to both of you at the bottom of this post:

@bubbly: You can't directly see the scopes a specific portal would have access to, though you can check out the Developer Doc below for a description of what product tiers have access to which scopes. In general though, you find out which scopes a portal can/cannot approve during the auth flow (when they either succeed or fail to approve your integration). You should require only the scopes that your integration absolutely needs to function; if a user's portal does not have access to one or more of those necessary scopes, then the aforementioned error is expected.

@asmin_hbspot_dev: Those scopes should all be accessible by any Marketing/CRM portal, so I'm wondering if there might be something else going on? Can you give me your full authorization URL (minus the client ID), and the Hub IDs of both your developer portal and the portal you're trying to install the app to? Also we provide the ability to create test portals, but it's not possible to add/remove functionality to test installation. You'll want to check out the doc below for more info on which scopes are accessible by which product tiers.

I also want to touch on a point I mentioned above; the "This hub doesn't have access to some HubSpot features that are required by this integration." error does not always imply there's a problem. It means that the portal is missing functionality that is required for your integration to function. Any scopes that are not required for your integration to function should be included as optional scopes.

For example; let's say I created an app that generated tables of website data. I might want to create an integration with HubSpot so that my users could import these tables into HubDB and use them for their dynamic website pages. My integration would require the hubdb scope, since access to the HubDB API is fundamentally required for my integration to function. If someone ran into the "This hub does't have access..." error, it would mean that their portal doesn't have HubDB, which means they shouldn't be able to install my app.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

Thank you for the pointer to the documentation explaining what product tiers have access to which scopes!


when is use auth for access token it show show "This hub doesn't have access to some HubSpot features that are required by this integration. Please contact the integrator."
my huspot hub id="4926807"


Hi @satish

This thread is quite old and cluttered at this point, so I think the best course of action going forward is to post all new iterations of this question in a new topic. Your topic should include:

  • The portal's Hub ID
  • The user's email address
  • The app's required scopes

This thread will be closed going forward; all new requests should be posted as new threads.