This oauth-token (TOKEN) does not have proper permissions! (requires > all of [blog-access])


Hi there,

We've recently setup the Skyvia integration to backup our HubSpot data.

The notes we've added to our Companies and Contacts aren't being pulled across into the backups.

Looking at Skyvia we can see quite a few failed things along the lines of "This oauth-token (removed) does not have proper permissions! (requires > all of[...])" where the contents of the square brackets are various things such as "blog-access".

The Skyvia integration is connected using OAuth and is completing successfully on other parts of out data e.g. the actual Companies and Contacts are copying over with other information but they just don't contain any of the notes we're expecting to see.

Looking at similar topics in the forum I can see replies about not having the correct product tier but when checking with Hubspot support they've confirmed the notes is part of the free package which we use.

What else could be causing the failure?

Please help!



Hi @DanielBroadberry, happy to help. I'll just need the following:

  1. which request URLs are you seeing this happen for?
  2. which Account (reply with HubID) are you seeing this happen in?
  3. Can you also reply with your ticket # from support so I can close the loop with them?



Hi Connor,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I’m not sure which URLs are the issues, we’re using the Skyvia integration (they’ve advised the error is on the HubSpot side) so I don’t know how to check what’s actually happening with the API.

HubID I think is 5114928.

I didn’t get a ticket number from support, the entire conversation was handled through the IM. They simply suggested I post on the forum.

Please do let me know what other information I can provide to help troubleshoot.



Ah I see @DanielBroadberry , thanks for that! So when I take a look at your account, it appears that 5114928 is a Free Account. I'm seeing errors for Email, Blog, Design Manager, and Lists. None of those features are available in a Free Account so it makes sense why those would fail. I also see 429 error codes on the engagements API (the call to the endpoint that would create notes). The error is as follows:

{"status":"error","message":"You have reached your secondly limit.","errorType":"RATE_LIMIT","correlationId":"8fac53e9-7983-4168-8d37-4b08f4d0d04c","groupName":"publicapi:oauth-secondly:44044:5114928","policyName":"SECONDLY","requestId":"bbecd2612b903138feeef8841e3b7f5c"}

Looks like the secondly limit is being hit (10 requests per second) as outlined here. The integrator Skyvia (not you) would have to throttle their limit down for this to work.


Hi Connor,

Thanks for the info.

What we're having trouble with is the Notes that sit under each Contact / Company. We're able to enter them as part of the free account which support confirmed was correct, but when we do a backup to Skyvia the notes are not being pulled across.

The example error I provided was just in case it was related to our issue but if I'm understanding correctly that should only affect things that are part of a paid tier of account which we're not using.

What else could be preventing the notes from our Contacts / Companies being copied over to Skyvia during the backup process?



Hi @DanielBroadberry, this definitely isn't a subscription issue. I don't see any reason why you'd have an issue getting your data from HubSpot into Skyvia. Skyvia would be taking an engagement via a GET request:, then POSTing it to their system. Are other engagements such as emails in the CRM, meetings, or calls being properly imported to Skyvia?


Hi Connor,

Thanks for the reply.

Indeed it seems there is no problem at all, we were simply looking in the wrong place for the notes.

Now we know they're pulled through as engagements we've been able to confirm it's all working correctly.

Thanks for your help!