Thrive Architect API Issue with Lists


I'm using Thrive Architect and have successfully connected to the HubSpot API. However, when I go to complete the process it requires me to select a list but will not show any lists to select. We have 7 different mailing lists in HubSpot. Please help with this issue.


Hi @allames, I'm not too familiar with Thrive Architect, but would you mind posting your HubID, and a screenshot of the screen that you're getting stuck in? Thanks!


By HubID do you want my API key or my Hub user id?


This is the area where I'm getting stuck.


Hi @allames, I'm referring to your HubSpot Account's unique ID you can find by following this article:


Hi Connor - my Unique ID is: 4764463


Hi @allames, I won't be able to troubleshoot much with this as there doesn't appear to be an error from the HubSpot side of things. From checking out Thrive Architect's docs and the jargon they use, it may be that you need to connect this to a Subscription type email, which would be generated from a blog. I'm thinking that the type of list you'd need would be one from this screenshot:

Since you don't have access to the Blogging tool, I'm not sure that this is going to be possible for you, but I can't be certain as there isn't a way for me to test out my own portal with thrive architect