Through the HubSpot API, get a copy of (or download) the campaign email sent to a contact




We have hit a bit of a roadblock using the HubSpot API.

Campaign emails are being automatically sent to our contacts within HubSpot. When those emails are sent, the sent campaign email is tracked within the CRM portal under the contact’s activity. You can click on that activity block to preview the campaign email that was sent to the contact.

We are using a separate system for customers management that our customer support people use to manage the customer’s needs. This is rigid and cannot be changed due to the nature of our business.

We need the campaign email within the customer management system when a customer contacts support. These campaign emails may have triggered a phone call from the customer. Currently, without those campaign emails, the customer support person has no context to why the customer is calling.

Through the HubSpot API, get a copy of (or download) the campaign email sent to a contact.


Hi @nickianspencer,

Just to make sure that we’re on the same page, are you referring to marketing emails sent to contacts, or emails sent from a contact and logged on their timeline?


Hi Derek.

I am referring to the marketing emails sent to contacts.



Hi @nickianspencer,

It’s not currently possible to pull the content of a marketing email via the API. That contentId is the id visible in the URL when viewing a marketing email in-app, and can’t be used to pull the email via API. I can see the utility of this, and if you have the inclination, I would definitely encourage you post your use case to the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community.

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