Ticket API - internal error



Screenshot: https://cl.ly/0Y0x1T1u1F3i








"name": "source_type",

"value": "CHAT"



"name": "status",

"value": "IN_PROGRESS"



"name": "created_by",

"value": "496346"



"name": "subject",

"value": "This is an example ticket"



"name": "content",

"value": "Here are the details of the ticket."



Hubspot Response


"status": "error",

"message": "internal error",

"correlationId": "c1a10329-7a82-4f04-ae1d-1113c0f5aac1",

"requestId": "08b8d84247aefd28505c1406001f4e66"


How we can fix this?
For sure also happens with a real APIKEY

Thanks, Alex.


Hello, I am also trying to play with the tickets API to create one and I get an 500 internal server error. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I tried both the HAPI key authorization method and the Google OAuth method (with the example payload from the help), and I am getting the same result.

I used a test hubspot created from a developer account.


Hi Adrian,
I tested yesterday and now works properly.
Let me know, Alex.


Hi Alessio,

Did the required fields change to: "hs_pipeline", "hs_pipeline_stage", "created_by" and "source_type"?

I still cannot create a ticket after setting these with the same 500 error. The status property does no longer exist:


Here are some settings that you need to add https://cl.ly/1b3X142q3K2Z
"status" doesn't exist anymore, the documentation is not correct


Are the 0 and 1 temporary for "hs_pipeline" and "hs_pipeline_stage"?

I am approaching my problem in a different way. There is a possibility to embed a form inside a HTML document and it seems to be up to date.