Ticket engagements and associations with cnontact




When creating engagements on tickets is there a way to associate engagement with the author (=contact/customer) of the emai/message?

I.e. usually ticket is a conversation between agent and a customer. So, we need to be able to separate messages sent by agent from messages sent by customer. What is the right way to do that?



Hi @Anton_Litvinenko,

Just to make sure that we're on the same page, are you referring to the 'direction' of the email? As in, when you create an email type engagement that is tracking an email from the contact to the agent, you'd like the header to reflect that 'direction'?

Right now, the header for email type engagements is fairly generic:

You logged an email with Contact Name test@test.com

A couple of notes:

  • 'You' refers to the engagement's owner; since I was logged in under my account & I was the engagement's owner, this was 'You'. Were this engagement owned by another user, their name would appear here.
  • 'Contact Name test@test.com' is whatever is specified in the to field when creating an engagement.

There currently isn't a way to further customize this direction; the engagement's owner and the to and from fields in the engagement's metadata currently determine this header. Let me know if this answers your question!