Tickets API on Test Hubs


I have a developer account that I want to use for testing Tickets API. It seems to me that Tickets API is only available in Service Hub, and I am not seeing any way to enable Service Hub on a developer account other than a purchase option. I don't have a paid account.

Tried using the Tickets API with hapikey and oauth token. I get "Must have scope TICKETS_READ" message for read tickets request, and no response for create ticket requests.

Am I missing something? How do I play with the Tickets API with a developer account?


I've Yes, this is paid account that's why it is showing Read Only error i'm also trying to create the the tickets on HubSpot using API But I got Pipeline i thing it is and this thing is not mention in the document I thing so the provided tickets is not updated. I've wasted my so many time but same error will be occur every time.


Hi @ulaskeles and @saurabh442,

Because the Tickets API is still in developer preview, test portals aren't automatically scoped for access. Can you both reach out in this thread with the Hub IDs of your test portals so that I can give you Tickets API access?



4682820 is my test hub id.


Hi @ulaskeles,

Thanks for your patience here. That hub is now ungated for Tickets API access!


Hey @Derek_Gervais,

Do you think I could also get tickets added to my test hub? The ID is 3847195.

Thank you!


Hi @nhinzmann,

I can't give access to that portal specifically since it's a developer portal, not a test portal. If you create a test portal, I'd be happy to ungate it for Tickets API access. Check out the doc below if you're unfamiliar with this process:


Hi there, I encounter a similar problem. When I try to create a ticket through the API I get back Must have scope TICKETS_WRITE, no matter the method (ApiKey or OAuth)

Can I also have tickets to my test hub (4821913)?

Thank you!


Hi @Adrian_Soucup,

That test portal (Hub ID 4821913) now has temporary access to Service Pro, which give access to the Tickets API. You'll have full access for 60 days, expiring on 10/19. Let me know if you have any other questions!