Time is Stage Calculation for Multiple stage instances


Deals are allowed to move between deal stages out of order. 5 > 6 > 5 > 7

If I use the HubSpot reports, it provides the "Time in Stage -XXX" measure for each stage.

How is HubSpot calculating time in stage for these deals that move between stages out of order?

I am using Cdata to connect Tableau. There is no measure called "Time in Stage" available using the custom sql connection.


Hi @nathan.graham,

Time in stage is a property calculated on the fly in HubSpot's reporting, and isn't a deal property in the classical sense. HubSpot uses the most recent transition between stages to report on the time spent in a stage; if a deal moves between stages in this order:

5 -> 6 -> 5 -> 7
The time in stage for stage 5 will reflect the amount of time the deal was in stage 5 for the second time (i.e. the 5 -> 7 transition).


Thanks for the response.

So using my example, are you saying that the time my deal spent between 5 -> 6 would not be counted, and Hubspot would only calculate the time my deal spent between 5 -> 7 since it is the most recent ?


Hi @nathan.graham,

That's correct; the calculation is done from the deal's most recent 'Entered (deal stage)' timestamp to the timestamp it entered a higher deal stage.