Timeline API event doesn’t appear on contact, doesn’t create a new one



I have a situation pretty similar than a few topics created about Timeline API but I didnt found a solution yet.
In my app I have a event type without template but with one property call "description"
I created a event with the next json in the request:
“id”: “001-001001”,
“eventTypeId”: 23021,
“description: “test”,
“email”: "testing.test@email.com

The API is showing the calls but in the UI doestn’ create the new account, and even if I use a existing account doesnt show anything



Hi @hklein,

In that last screenshot, it looks like the timeline settings are set to hide all types of timeline activity (including app events). Can you try changing that setting to show timeline events and/or send me a link to that contact in your portal? Also, can you send me a link to the event template in your developer portal?


Hi @Derek_Gervais

Thank so much for reply me!
Sorry, actually I forgot to selectet all types of timeline activity when I captured the screen but even if I select all doesn’t show anything.
Are your refering to this links? https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/4186700/contact/101/?interaction=note

I have a teory, maybe my app setting are wrong, because I have only this


well…now I have another problem
Now I tried to change the app settings and I checked this options:
So when I send https://app.hubspot.com/oauth/authorize~ with in "scope=contacts%20timeline"

I logged with an adminitrator account and i have free trial portal



Hi @hklein,

The authentication stuff generally indicates either:

  1. The scopes your requesting don’t exactly match the checked scopes in your developer portal
  2. You’re trying to authorize a portal that doesn’t have access to the scopes you’re requesting

Can you send me:

  1. A link to your Developer portal
  2. A link to the portal you’re trying to install the app
  3. The full authorization URL you’re using to install your app (minus the client secret)