Timeline API event doesn't appear on Contact UI


Hi I have some problem in timeline api event. Some event are appearing in UI but after that i have tested lots of event which doesn't appear in UI. Event Id is different for every time. got success response from api but not sure why rest of event doesn't appear in UI. Can you help me please?


Hi @saiful, taking a look at your App in your Developer Portal, I can see a few 400 responses and many other 415 responses. Please make sure you're including a header of Content-Type set to application/json. Further, make sure to include the object ID (vid) which you can find in the URL of each contact after the word contact/. I made this request to my own application just as an example:

curl -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer access_token_here" \
-d '
  "id": "699",
  "eventTypeId": "26938",
  "objectId": "191"
}' \

The ID can be anything, the eventTypeId would correspond with the event ID in your event types, and the objectId would correspond with an object in hubspot (usually that will be a vid of a contact). This is likely an issue with your headers, since this request for me worked. Looks like the first 400 errors in your portal happened simply because the requests were to different portals, and the objectId you were posting to didn't exist in those portals.


Hi @Connor_Barley, thanks for your reply. My issue already solved.