Timeline API events only show up after user filters activity and checks Integrations


I'm just getting started with the Timeline API, and in testing was able to successfully put a custom event in the timeline for a contact. However, by default, when viewing the activity for a contact, it doesn't include events submitted by integrations. It is only after clicking "filter activity", and then checking "Integrations" that these events show up.

This may be by design, but it would be nice if we didn't have to walk our users through having to take those steps on Hubspot in order to see the events submitted from our app. Is there a way to have our events display on the activity timeline by default, or a way to change the user's settings through an API call to have "Integrations" selected in their contact's activity timelines?


Hi @ryanm, at this time there isn't a way to have this checked off automatically. Those buttons are user-level settings, but the positive thing is that they're "sticky" - if a user selects those integrations once, and they leave HubSpot and come back (or even logout and back in), those settings will stay the same.

As an aside, did Support happen to refer you to the forums? If so, do you happen to have the ticket number that you could share with me? Would like to close the loop with them. Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response!

No, I did not raise a ticket with support previous to posting in the forums, so there shouldn't be anything to close out.


Got it! Thanks for letting me know. As a heads up, you may be able to raise a support ticket on this next time since it's on the in-app functionality of the product rather than the functionality of how our APIs work. Support can definitely handle a query like this, and they're much quicker to respond so it might be your best bet moving forward. Happy to help out here too but just want you to get the fastest response possible :slight_smile:


Ok thanks, I'll keep that in mind for any future questions about in-app functionality.

In this case, however, I was hoping there was an API solution - a way to update the user's settings via the API to show integrations on their timelines, without needing to instruct the user to manually apply that setting, which is why I thought this forum would be better suited to answering my question.


Ah right! Definitely a fair point. I thought you were raising the question since it was related to the Timeline API, but yes this is the right place for your question then! :slight_smile: