Timeline API or Events API for tracking events


Hi all, We are building an App between our product and HubSpot. Our product provides events on a user’s interaction with learning content, things like User X started Course A, User Y completed Course B, etc. Our customers will want to run Smart Lists and campaigns from these events.

I’ve worked through the Developer documentation and it seems like the Timeline API would make the most sense for these events. But, are Timeline Events usable in Smart Lists?



Hi @Jesse_Miller,

I would agree that the Timeline API events make the most sense based on what you’ve described and yes, I can confirm you can use Timeline Events in Smart Lists.



@zwolfson is there any documentation on how to do this? I can't find anything on using timeline events to add a contact to a smart list


Hi @ryanshep,

Here is our documentation on creating and associating contacts to Timeline Events https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/timeline/timeline-overview. Once you do that, they will appear in the list building interface to create smart lists.