Timeline API "You do not have access to this application"



I'm trying to push events through your Timeline API, but I'm running into technical problems.

  1. I've created an app with the client_id "xxx"

  2. I've created this URL to install the app: "xxx" and after selecting the right account, the app is correctly installed (I can verify this under https://app.hubspot.com/integrations-beta/xxx/your-integrations

I got this code: "xxx"

  1. I'm requesting an auth code:


And I successfully get this:
"refresh_token": "xxx",
"access_token": "xxx",
"expires_in": 21600

  1. Then I try to create a timeline event (I already created an event type with ID xxx that has the property "xxx".

PUT [xxx
Authorization: Bearer xxx
Content-Type: application/json
"id": "001-001001",
"eventTypeId": xxx,
"xxx": "Starter",
"utk": "xxx"

But I get this reply:
"status": "error",
"message": "You do not have access to this application"
"correlationId": "xxx",
"requestId": "xxx"


Hi @Luke_Curry,

We chatted about this over Slack, but I'll post here for any other customers encountering similar issues.

Your customer used their Hub ID instead of their application-id when they called this endpoint.

The format of the request URL is https://api.hubapi.com/integrations/v1/:applicationā€id/timeline/event. Putting in the Hub ID instead of the correct application-id will trigger a "You do not have access to this application" error.


I replaced the ID which made everything work. I added a quick header and detail template which also appear to be working fine.

One thing that doesn't work for me is that I send the event property "PaymentPlan" which I've mapped to the contact property "PaymentPlan". But when I fire the event, the contact property doesn't get updated.

This is my latest call (fired just now, got a 204 No Content):

PUT https://api.hubapi.com/integrations/v1/183341/timeline/event


"id": "001-001006",

"eventTypeId": 380749,

"PaymentPlan": "Growth",

"email": "martin.egerstrom@zooma.se"


You can see the event here: https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/5087120/contact/135051/?interaction=note

But as you can also see, the PaymentPlan property is empty. Can you check if I've set it in a wrong way?


Hi @Luke_Curry,

I believe this is because your customer is passing PaymentPlan instead of the property's internal name, which is paymentplan. Most of the APIs are case-sensitive.