Timeline custom property creation help



We are trying to scrape the contact record timeline and create a custom property which records when a sales email was sent, currently we can only see if any email was sent, or sales email opened or replied to. We want to differentiate between sales and other emails.

The timline currently logs sales email interactions, we are trying to create a time stamp property for this sent interaction. does anyone have experience with this


@stochs89 You could pull out the data via the Engagement API and find the associated contact and map the time to a custom property on that contact.


So I can pull into a custom field last sales email sent? just to clarify, as that is the goal.

I need to say it was a sales email.

Also can we do that for a meeting scheudled from the timeline?


@stochs89 Yes you can just make a text field custom property. Then you can place whatever you would like in there. That would be one way to do it. Depending on what you put in there might make it tougher for reporting so I would try and keep a consistent format if you can. Maybe you should make one custom prop for a meeting and one for a sales email.


We would want it to be a date field as we would want to create a workflow based off of time lapsed between action. is that still possible with this?


yep you can make a custom property called last sales email sent and provide the date . you can pull the date out of the engagement that would get returned to you from the Engagements API.



I am working on this project right now and have already got all the engagements from the Engagement API.

My method is to get engagements and find last email sent by sales person and then map the time stamp of the last email to the Last_Salse_Email_Sent_Date I created before. Is this the right way to do it?

Also, right now I can only update the property one contact at a time. Is there a way to update all the contacts together?
I am doing it using postman. Should I use java and loop to do that?


You can use this endpoint here to update a group of contacts all at once.