Timeline event sometimes not created via API



When I create the timeline event via API, sometimes I’ve got an error. Screenshot from server console - http://take.ms/8nIBm. Screenshot of contact’s timeline - http://take.ms/tiDFn. As you can see the timeline event for 12 feb was not been created. Why?


Hi @IvanZh,

Based on the 500 error code, it sounds like there was a transient server issue that affected that request. Can you direct message me a link to your app’s settings so I can take a closer look?


Hi @Derek_Gervais ,
sure, https://app.hubspot.com/developers-alpha/3482327/application/55012


I’m still sometimes seeing errors at server console when trying to create an event.

For example: Sun Feb 18 2018 04:00:20 GMT-0700 (MST)

{ status: 'error', message: 'internal error', correlationId: 'bdd5205e-f226-43f1-84a7-11d46141fe9e', requestId: '6e5ce338f2718ae80a48eb656d0af441' }



Hi @IvanZh,

Thanks for the example info. After looking at the API call logging for your app, it looks like the body for some of those PUT requests that resulted in a 500 error was null? The body of those requests should look similar to the examples in the article below. Is it possible that the bodies of some requests are improperly formatted, or otherwise malformed?


Hi Derek!

Yes, sometimes there is not enough data to build body and I send null.

Thanks for your help! ATB