Timestamp value is in future or sometimes null


We are using Hubspot API And we found that timestamp value is sometimes null or sometimes it has a huge value, check the below example -
"hs_email_delivered" : {
"versions" : [
"timestamp" : 1449077401367000002,
"selected" : false,
"source-type" : "EMAIL",
"source-vids" : [
"source-id" : null,
"source-label" : null,
"value" : "2"
Could you please confirm if the timestamp value is always in milis or it can be micro secs as well.If you convert the above value in milis, it becomes a future value (more than 10000 years ahead).


Hi @FivetranDevelopers,

To my knowledge, HubSpot's APIs only use millisecond timestamps. Curiously, when the Epoch Converter interprets the timestamp 1449077401367000002 in microseconds, the resulting year is 47889.

Would you confirm your Hub ID as well as the endpoint you used?