Timezone changes are not reflected in the API



Hello everyone!

I am currently experience issue with timezone settings in HubSpot CRM.
I’ve changed it to match to Eastern European Time which is GMT+3 but API call to integrations/v1/me still returns timezone as US/Eastern




@andrewnester Can you link me the page that shows off that endpoint? I am not familiar with it or it isn’t a supported endpoint. I would like to see if I can recreate your issue on my end.

edit update:
Also Can you confirm that is your correct portalID? It appears to be an older “Community” edition of HubSpot


@pmanca yeah sure, here is the documentation page for this endpoint http://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/get-account-details

Portal ID is the one that I used for testing.

In addition I figure out the issue - timezone has been successfully updated but it took like 1-2 hours when these changes reflected in data returned from provided endpoint.


Thanks for the link. I’m glad it sorted itself out.