Timezone for 'created' field on Get events API


When using get email events API, I get a field called ‘created’ which is the actual time the event occurred.
My question is, what is the time zone for this timestamp? is it UTC time?


@saar1 The timezone is based off the timezone the respective portal is set to


I’m not sure I understand. I go to report -> report settings and see that
the time zone is set to UTC -4 (eastern time).
however, does it effect the time I get on ‘created’ field when making the
API call? or regardless to what is the time zone on my portal, the
timestamp of ‘created’ is always UTC time?

One more thing please - how do I know what my portal’s timezone?

Please refer to both of my question.


The timezone for the portal is in the report-> report settings which you are looking at.

So you are saying that if you create an email or have an email event that it comes out of the API in UTC time?

Let me know and I can test it out on our end.


I haven’t created any email, I only use the email events API per
documentation: http://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/email/get_events
In the JSON returned there is a field called ‘created’ (which is the
timestamp for the event).
My question is, if this timestamp has anything to do with the timezone set
in report-> report setting, or is it comes out in the JSON as UTC time in
any case?
LMK if my question is clear enough.


@saar1 It is based off the timezone setting in report -> report settings.

Whenever the event was first created it would be off the timezone that is set that at that point in time.