To Import Notes,Activities into Hubspot account using API Integration with PHP


I want to import my website's contacts information (Notes,Activity,Other information) into Hubspot account using API Integration.

I have imported some information but failed to import notes and activities

How can I do that?


Hi @Sowmya_zonup, this should certainly be possible by using our Engagements API. Notes should be created with the type property set to NOTE. See the examples in the JSON on the right column in the doc I linked above.

For "activities", what activities are you looking to import to HubSpot? Currently, website data cannot be imported, but would love to hear what types of activities you're trying to track.


I want to send my activity history to the hubspot activities using php
Please check the below screen shot

Is it possible to send the Notes using PHP curl

Screen Shot:


Hi @Sowmya_zonup, yep the Engagements API is what you're looking for then. Theres no way to import the activity history - for example the historical opens and clicks of an email you're importing. However you can certainly import emails, calls, tasks, and notes using the Engagements API.