Track email delivery and sends via webhooks


I need to sync email delivery and opens from Hubspot with our applications
database. These emails will likely be sent via the single-send API or SMPT API.

The workflow/webhook solution doesn’t seem to work if, for example, I want to
track (transactional) notification emails sent to contacts. It seems like only
the first notification email can be tracked.

The other webhook feature of Hubspot’s doesn’t seem to have any email related
"hooks". Is there a way for Hubspot to POST to my application when emails are
sent or opened? Or would I have to engineer a system that pings Hubspot
periodically for the status of an email?


@tomdev At the moment the webhooks in the HubSpot app wouldn’t work for your use case. Your best be would be to periodically ping the Email Events API as you mentioned above.


@pmanca Are there any efforts underway to make email event webhook functionality available? I have the same use case as tomdev and polling your api is an undesirable way to satisfy the need, especially with that endpoint being rate limited.


@craig There isn't anything in the pipe at the moment as far as I'm aware of.