Track Form Submissions in Google Tag Manager


I’m looking to track form submissions on groups of landing pages that can be parsed based on their URL structures within Google Tag Manager.

Since HubSpot uses javascript forms that load asynchroneously, my understanding is that we cannot use the built-in Google Tag Manager variables. I’ve found these two articles helpful, but neither one nails down exactly how to implement a custom javascript variable that will accurately listen to the HubSpot-validated form submission event.

Does anyone know the best way to do this?


Do you have find a solution ?
There are some questions about this topic but any answers.


I take it there is no solution to this problem! Nightmare.


Are you referring to standard Hubspot forms installed on standard Hubspot landing pages?
Could you maybe send an example for one of your landing pages?
I've implemented GTM on a many landing pages and managed to properly track all the form engagement events (including some form values, form submission, abandonment etc.)


Hi @Yanir_Calisar, We just implemented a GTM solution from Whitehat. It worked and them stopped. What do you guys use to track your form engagement events on the HubSpot forms installed on standard HubSpot landing pages?

Here is a link to the whitehat article we used: