Track incoming Chat/Email sales inquiries - impossible?


We are using the service module for chat and emails on our website.
One of our main KPIs for the business are sales leads coming from chats and emails.

We would like to track this externally to hubspot.
(HubSpot reports are not good for our use case)

We thought of something such as -
Number of conversations created:

  1. Directly on the sales inbox.
  2. Directly on the support inbox and conversation/engagement assigned to a sales person.

However, we could not figure out how to pull this information from the db/api.
(We have a stitch integration which replicates the hubspot db into bigquery)

Is there any way to retrieve this critical business information?

Thx ahead, this would be a huge help to us getting this accomplished (and a huge bummer not being able to)!


Hi @Oren_Hacohen,

At this time, it isn't possible to obtain the exact conversations data you seek in-app or via an API.

An imperfect solution would be to combine Activity filter properties and custom properties to build lists from which you could pull contacts. Also, when a new contact is created by sending an email to your shared inbox or via live chat, the Original source drill-down 1 property does at least reflect "CONVERSATIONS." I realize this is not exactly what you are asking, though.

I encourage you to upvote this idea and submit more detailing your use case to our product teams. I will also do my part and pass feedback regarding a robust Conversations API through internal channels.


Thanks Isaac!

We're trying to act on your proposal.
We've managed to create a list with the chat conversations owned by our sales team:

However, we don't understand how to create a list of incoming email engagements owned by the sales team?
It seems like the activity types doesn't contain incoming emails:

[Edit: note this engagement can create a new contact but it can also be by an existing one. In both cases we'd like to count it]
Is there any way to get the incoming emails??

Many thanks,


Hi @Oren_Hacohen,

Thanks for clarifying.

While there aren't any properties which reflect incoming email engagements within the conversations inbox, you can create tickets for each incoming email! See the Connect your team email inbox channel section of this article. These tickets could represent each email engagement and be assigned to service and/or sales team members. There are many more reporting capabilities that go along with using tickets in this capacity.